A Zero-Mass Block is the result of setting a Ballast or Smooth Surface Block's mass to x0.00 using the NoBounds mod.

Properties Edit

Zero-mass blocks are unique:

  • Because rigidity is a function of mass, connections to 0-mass blocks have effectively zero rigidity, and will act as though they aren't connected at all except in extreme cases. There are certain blocks (Springs and Winches) which do not factor rigidity into their connections, and can be used to fasten these blocks.
  • Given Newton's Second Law (F=ma), zero-mass blocks do not exert or transfer forces.
  • If they physically collide with anything, they will shoot off at extreme speed in unpredictable ways (because dividing by zero is bad for physics).

They are an integral part of a technology known as Force Neutralization System (FNS).

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