The Duke's Dear Freighters is the fifth level in Tolbrynd. Your goal is to destroy four flying Freighters, armed with shrapnel cannons on the sides and each at different heights, and avoid the Duke's Prototypes on the ground.

Objective Edit

The objective is to destroy all 4 of the airships that appear in the level. They are relatively easy to destroy, but they have an advantage by being higher than you. Some useful ways to approach this level are as follow:

  • From the ground, use a machine with at least four cannons capable of being aimed upwards, and capable of resisting the explosions from the Duke's Prototypes
  • Use an airship to either drop heavy objects, fire cannons, or burn the freighters with flame throwers. This is useful in avoiding being attacked by the prototypes.
  • Build a small parasite that you can attach to one of the freighters and make it collide with another one. You should be able to reattach to another freighter in case the current one collapses.

Be careful when approaching the freighters, as they can shoot you if you get near their sides.

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