The Slider is a block that can extend along it's placement axis. It can increase its length by up to 1 block length.

Block Types Blocks
Basic Starting Block • Wooden (Small Block / Block / Pole / Log) • BraceSmooth Surface Block
Locomotion Joints (Swivel / Ball / Hinge) • Steering (Hinge / Block)

• Wheels (Powered / Unpowered / Powered Large / Unpowered Large / Small) • Cogs ((Unpowered Medium / Powered Medium) / Large)

Mechanical DecouplerContractible SpringSuspensionSliderPistonSpinning BlockGrabberWinchPin BlockCamera Block
Weaponry Metal SpikeMetal BladeCircular SawDrillCannonShrapnel CannonWater CannonCrossbowVacuumFlamethrowerTorchBombRemote GrenadeExplosive RocketFlaming BallBoulder
Automation TimerLogic GateSensorAltimeterAnglometerSpeedometer
Flight Flying BlockPropeller (Small) • WingWing PanelBallastBalloon
Armour Metal PlatesWooden PanelBuild SurfaceGrip PadPlowHalf PipeHolderSpike Ball
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