The Powered Wheel can rotate along its placement axis.

The direction of rotation is indicated by the red arrow as shown. The axis can be reversed in the editor by pressing [F] while hovering over it.

This block's RPM is 100 (with speed set to x1.00 and acceleration set to Infinity).

Upon destruction this block will detach from its parent cluster. Other nodes will not be affected.

Basic Information Edit

The motor wheel is used as a basic tool for moving your machine. It can also be used for spinning things as it has a different interaction mechanism compared to steering and spinning block.

Parameter Tuning Edit

Parameter Default Value Range
Forward [Up] Keys
Reverse [Down] Keys
Automatic False Boolean
Toggle Mode False Boolean
Auto-Break True Boolean
Speed x1.00 x0.00 - x2.00
Acceleration Infinity x0.10 - x50.00, Infinity
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