How to wiki.

In general, have a look at how other larger wikis go about things. They usually have good ideas.

Prioritise current information over historical information.

Main Page Edit

This page should serve as an introduction and hub for connecting the other sections. News about updates, community information etc. should be presented to the reader in a concise manner. 

The main slide should include features for: 

  1. The Page about Besiege (Don't remove this!) 
  2. Recent Major update 
  3. Newest Island 
  4. Well Written guide to explain a new feature 

The main page should link to important information/hub pages and use attractive icons for them (see the ARK Gamepedia wiki or Caves of Qud wiki to get a basic idea).

  • Version History: The game's changelog.
    • All major and minor updates and pertinent details should be found here.
  • Guides: Introductory guides for new players (and advanced ones for people who want to learn)
    • like Basic Building: how to build and tips on moving around and killing things
    • and Interface: what each element of the UI does and how it affects things
    • and how to use machine logic
  • Blocks: Lists all machine blocks (and categories) 
  • Zones: Lists all available areas (and islands)
  • Entities: About the environments in the game
    • Describes buildings, creatures, terrain, hazards and the like encountered through gameplay
    • Technologies: Articles listing the various emergent features and design patterns encountered in Besiege (e.g. Bracecubes, Recoil Suppression systems, Machine Logic programs, etc.)

and any other stuff that deserves its own collection of icons.

Technologies Edit

Background Edit

  • Explain how the technology achieves what it does from a theoretical standpoint (if possible).
    • e.g. FNS works by abusing the fact you can nullify force by nullifying mass.

Applications Edit

  • The possible uses of the technology. Some technologies have multiple uses (like Overflow).

Usage Edit

  • How to actually use the technology.
    • List the mods and blocks necessary.
    • A technology with many uses or states, such as Bracecubes, may have multiple sections here.

Gallery Edit

  • Images go here.

Blocks and Entities Edit

Block pages should be started with a
template. Entity pages will get a corresponding template
. Eventually.

Summary Edit

  • A brief overview of what it is and what it does.

Settings Edit

  • The settings and keymappings the 🔧 Keymapper tool exposes.
  • If there aren't any, this should still be noted. (i.e. write 'This block has no adjustable settings.')

Usage and Behaviour Edit

  • A detailed description of what it does, how it behaves, and how it's used by itself.
  • Pay particular attention to how their usage changes with scaling and nobounds.
  • Variants (e.g. Small Propeller/Block 52) and simple states (e.g. Water Cannon/Nive) may have their own subsections here as necessary; these terms should be redirected here.

Technologies Edit

  • A summary/overview of their use in multi-block systems and technologies.

Gallery Edit

  • Any images of usage go here.

Trivia Edit

  • Any fun facts about the block, if they exist.
  • These should not contain information which belongs in any other section.
Block pages should be added to Category:All Blocks and the relevant ingame type category, and be ended with a
{{Navbox Blocks}}
. Entity pages should be added to Category:All Entities and the relevant ingame type category, and be ended with a
{{Navbox Entities}}

Campaign Levels Edit

Levels should be started with a
{{Infobox Zone}}

Summary Edit

  • Cover introductory concepts and relevant notes here (if they exist).

Objective Edit

  • The minimum that needs to be done to complete the level.

Strategy Edit

  • How to approach completing the level.

Other Remarks Edit

  • Other ways and approaches, and other relevant information.

Gallery Edit

  • Images of the level go here.

Trivia Edit

  • If it exists.
    • e.g. The Duke's Dear Freighters is a Dark Souls reference.
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