Besiege Lawful Engine in V0

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Besiege - Lawful Engine Contstruction

Besiege - Lawful Engine Contstruction

The Lawful Engine was the second engine to be discovered. Given its much more stable and controllable nature compared to it's counterpart, the Chaos Engine, it was dubbed The Lawful Engine. It consists of a motor wheel on top of a small wooden block placed inside of a holder on top of a swivel joint. Circular Saws may be used to increase rotation speed (discovered by this anon*). Everything above the swivel joint will start spinning when the simulation is started, and the speed will rapidly accelerate. It is possible to increase or decrease the rotational speed by powering the wheel.
Construction of the true neutral engine

Construction of the true neutral engine

A Lawful Engine with Sawblades

This engine is very stable, and in repeated trials it is consistently more stable and powerful than almost every other type of engine except Chaos Engines without holders. It is lighter than its chaotic counterparts and is less prone to breaking, making it the ideal engine type.

*The lawful engine was discovered by this Anon on /v/.

Uses Edit

The Lawful Engine with sawblades is actually more stable and more powerful (in that it spins faster) than most Chaos Engines. Any machine that requires any sort of continuous spinning motion would benefit from it.

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