The Isle of Krolmar is the fourth and final island in the game. Krolmar was added in Febuary 2020, along with Besiege 1.0.

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The Fourth Isle: The vast, deserty Krolmar

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A view of the isle itself

Zones Edit

Zone 45: Towering Eye Edit

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First impressions of Towering Eye

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A flaming laser erupts!

Objective: Destroy the Eye along with it's tower. The Eye will attempt to aim a fire-beam at you, which can set your machine on fire.

It is recommended to use cannons and explosives. By pinning a cannon to hold it still and using the rotate tool of the editor to aim it, it is possible to easily destroy the eye before it can hone in on your machine.

The fire-beam can be dodged by fast vehicles.

Zone 46: Dahor VaultEdit

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A square vault...

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... and a massive key.

Objective: Open the Ancient Vault

There is a large, square foundation in the ground, with a circular hole that matches a circular key laying off to the right. You will need to grab the key, rotate it, and place it upright into the hole.

Zone 47: Forgotten SanctumEdit

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The flaming laser

20200229194653 1

A loose mirror

Objective: Use the mirror on the ground as a tool to reflect a fire-beam at a large goblet filled with gold. The beam must be held at the goblet for upwards of 5 seconds to complete the zone.

It is recommended to use a strong but dexterous forklift for this, as the mirror is quite heavy and must be aimed accurately.

An important, minor note: the mirror is, in fact, double sided.

Zone 48: Mesa OutpostEdit

Objective: Destroy a number of cannons and troops.

There are four bronze cannons on the map. They each can rotate left & right, angle up & down to a point, and fire indefinitely (at random intervals from 3-8 seconds)

Like many items in Besiege, the cannons and humans are susceptible to kinetic force and explosives.

Though the objective says "Destroy the cannons", killing the NPC's and destroying the nearby wooden structures also contributes to the progress bar.

20200229195409 1

Desert armaments

20200229195414 1

A new form of cannon

Zone 49: Tree of AkhmoraEdit

Objective: Destroy fruit on a tree.

Ahead of the build zone is a large tree on a plateu. The tree has vibrant leaves and bears 6 large, red fruits, which the player must destroy 4 of to conquer the zone. However, extending from the base are numerous spiky, animated brown roots.

The tree cannot be burned down, and the spiky roots are potentially damaging. The fruits themselves can be easily destroyed on contact or by

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The Tree of Akhmora

20200229200208 1

A closeup of a large fruit

20200229201356 1

Slicing with a helicopter!

crossbow / cannon / explosive, but are rather hard to reach.

If one has the ability to construct / operate a flying machine, it is very advisable to do so, as you can easily avoid the roots and even use only melee. (This is an advisable way to acquire the achievement Tree Hugger). Aside from a flying machine, the fruits can be shot down from ground level (crossbows are advised as they have 30 shots) or even poked by a long enough mechanical device.

Zone 50: AmbushEdit

Objective: Kill all of the troops.

The build zone is in a donut-shaped rock structure, with troops on many levels of the rocks. Notably, a cavalry squad stands on ground level with the build box.

Troops are at different heights on different mountains, making this difficult.

Zone 51: Strange ArtefactEdit

Objective: Destroy the artefact.

The artifact, a large bronze/golden object comprised of four "triangles" built around a small orb, is surrounded by a blue forcefield. The artifact itself cannot be damaged by weapons (explosives, cannons, drills / saws, etc) but is instead destroyed by inserting hexagon tablets into the nearby pylons.

There are two tablets, both immediately adjacent to pylons with hexagon sockets in them. The tablets themselves have no "right way up" and can be inserted in any orientation.

When both tablets are inserted, the artefact's forcefield will disappear. The artefact itself will rise upwards while the triangles violently rotate around it, and eventually they will form the diamond-like position in the third picture. The central orb will seem to smoke.

By this point, the level has been completed.

20200229192158 1

Inserting the first hexagon tablet

20200229192212 1

First tablet inserted!

20200229192406 1

Both tablets inserted, artefact "destroyed"

Zone 52: Kahraz VillageEdit

Objective: Lay waste to the village.

20200229193418 1

Kahraz Village, first impressions

This zone is a village comprised of stone-built houses, outskirt pens of corn, melon and llamas, and people in white hoods.

Zone 53: Stock Tower Edit

Objective: Move the stone blocking the way.

The stone weighs 300 units.

A lot of grabbers and ropes are a good way to do this.

Zone 54: The Last Stand Edit

Objective: Ruin.

This is the last stand of the world's defenders. Soldiers from every island defend the Empress' fortress, as well as an airship which will pursue you mercilessly and fire explosives upon you with its turret.

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