A number of game elements cannot be placed by the user: creatures, vehicles, weak structures, fortified structures, terrain, and objects.


Generally inconsequential, they only serve to gunk up your shiny machine with blood. all creatures are easily destroyed by any form of force.  

Archers are capable of inflicting block fatigue directly with arrows, but all humans provide physical resistance to wheels and cause some minor fatigue. The Duke's Prototype creates a blast the size of a bomb when struck. At some instances footman unit runs at a high speed that it kill itself upon collision toward stationary machines. 

Weak Structures Edit

Weak Structures are buildings and vegetation that can be destroyed by the player with physical force. 

Monuments Edit

Monuments are a weak structures that represent Creatures or Stage Puzzles and sometimes interact with machines with Igniting-Lasers or Strong Gusts as a puzzle element. It can be part of a monument challenge or just as props.

Vehicles Edit

Non-creature objects, generally with the integrity of a weak structure, but capable of fighting back.

Fortified StructuresEdit

Fortified structures are any objects in game that can be destroyed, but resist pure physical force and/or fire. 

Crag Rock 


Manzanita (new tree) 


Terrain is any indestructible element, often for the purpose of adding obstacles or decoration. Burning Oil poses a fire hazard; gravity pads, trap panels, spinning panels, sliding panels, and wind all apply physical force that can be damaging.





Short Ledge

Tall Ledge



Snowy Mountain



Windy Area

Gravity Panel

Rising Pillar

Spinning Panel

Shifting Panel

Burning Oil

Trap Block


Objects Edit

These are game elements that are indestructible, but the player can move them.

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