Engines are a name for a machines capable of playing over with the faulty in the game's physic most engines are very hazardous and can cause extreme instability toward the physics and some cause a little trouble and mostly doesn't even cause any havoc at all.

Level of Chaos Edit

Chaos Level Edit

  • Lawful ex: Wheel Engine
  • Semi-Lawful ex: Paradox Engine
  • Neutral ex: Boulder Engine
  • Semi-Chaotic ex: Spike/Aerial Force Engine
  • Chaotic ex: Circular Saw Engine

Chaos Attainment Edit

these are how the level of chaos is designated for some engines

  • Damages it's rendering
  • Rips itself apart
  • Kills nearby creatures
  • Fly in unpredictable pattern
  • Generate power without locomotives
  • Must be in Invincible mode to work
  • Has extreme torque
  • Has extreme acceleration
  • No speed limit
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