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Blocks Edit

Main article: Blocks

Everything to do with machines, blocks, and machine logic.

Principles Edit

The fundamental mechanics of how Besiege works.

Technology Edit

Main article: Technology

Common design patterns, emergent (read: unintended) gameplay, and useful glitches.

Multiverse Edit

Main article: Multiverse

Everything to do with multiplayer, the level editor, or level logic.

    • ! Some of these pages should be condensed to common types (see Metal Plate for an example)

Zones Edit

Main article: Zones

The playable levels in the game, their islands, and how to conquer them.

Guides Edit

Main article: Guides

Tutorials on useful things.

The Basics Edit

For new players.

Advanced Edit

The less simple stuff.

Vehicles Edit

Comprehensive guides on how to go about building certain types of vehicles.

Miscellaneous Edit

Uncategorised guides/information.

Skinpacks Edit

Main article: Skinpacks

For users and creators of skinpacks.

Mods Edit

Main article: Mods

For users and creators of mods.

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