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Flight is one of the hardest things to achieve in Besiege. Air currents, like those on Lyre Peak, only add to the problem.

Basics Edit

In order to get off the ground you need to make your total lift higher than your total weight.

You need to implement a way to control the motion of your machine.

Control Edit

In order to go where you want, the center of thrust in a chosen direction should be on a single line with the center of mass of the machine.

Stability Edit

As usual in games like Besiege, if your machine starts to go crazy, placing a few braces will not hurt.

In order to stay ard vertically you need your machine to hang from a lift-generating contraption, IE. center of upward thrust must be above the center of weight.

It is easier done with a balloon:

Place cor.

Achieving Level Flight Edit

There are 4 basic ways of achieving level flight:

  1. Build a plane.
  2. Use Balloons.
  3. Use Flying Blocks.
  4. Use Propellers.

Building a Plane Edit

The easiest way to control your altitude is to build a plane. However it is only easiest in the editor: while in simulation you will have to actively control your pitch.

Balloons Edit

For additional information go to Buoyancy.

Flying Blocks Edit

Flying blocks produce drag. Combined with the fact that they are not always pointing upwards, flying blocks are prone to get into an unstable backwards and forwards rocking motion.

Thus flying blocks are not recommended for generation lift. They are much better at making control structures.

Propellers Edit

Since propellers can be implemented in various ways you cannot place any numbers on them. So if you decide to use propellers you will have to balance your machine manually.

If your machine has multiple lifting rotors, have them spin opposite directions. This cancels out torque which would otherwise cause your machine to spin uncontrollably.

Some Tips Edit

  • Don't be afraid to use balloons - they're useful.

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